Zoe Conus

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – Tu seras Boucher, ma fille

My collection was born from a fantasied anecdote. Between the shadow of the lemon tree and the freshness of the linen drying in the courtyard, the plastic bag sways in the wind. My great-grandmother tying her pristine apron, headed for our butcher's shop, flattening the air bubbles on her embroidered tablecloth with her hands.
Zoe Conus graduated from HEAD-Geneva, and was an exchange student during one semester at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and in parallel of her courses, assisted fashion brands such as Anders HAAL in Stockholm and A.F.Vandevorst in Antwerp. Born of an Italian mother and a Franco-Swiss father, she grew up in a small French-speaking village and escaped her home every summer to indulge herself with sunny memories with her family in Sardinia. Her Bachelor's collection, "Tu seras Boucher, ma fille", is inspired in particular by her great-grandparents, owners of a family kept butcher's shop, and by the stories told by her Nonna about it. Zoe collects photos taken of her family and her travels to inspire herself and create an intimate and warm universe.