Zoe Champion

new york city
new york city
united states
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ma parsons new york
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Collection – I N L A Y

My grandmother—she passed away over the summer. We were clearing out her wardrobe and there were all of these clothes that were so important to me, but I didn’t feel like I could wear them because they were her clothes and weren't meant to be on my body. So, I would just hold them against myself. But I didn’t want to get rid of them. This collection is about the connection between someone and another person's clothing, holding clothes against yourself but not actually wearing them—it’s a lot of pictures of clothes on top of clothes and trompe l’oeil effects. I ended up actually taking pictures of my grandmother and family photos of moments that I didn’t experience, so I didn’t have a real connection to them, and digitized them, glitching them and warping them to make them a photo anyone could relate to.
Born in Sydney, Australia Zoe Champion studied Fashion and Textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney where she learnt to work conceptually and to integrate textile design in every step of garment design and construction. Through her honors collection she explored knitwear design to create technically intricate and experimental knitwear fabrications. Moving to New York to study an MFA in Fashion and Society at Parsons, Zoe continued to study the complexities of knitting. Through extensive experimentation and sample making she creates garments that rethink predetermined ideas of knitwear and the capabilities of the knit structure. Zoe creates fully fashioned knitwear that is designed to be a part of her customers lives, pieces that are individual and exciting but are to be lived in and have memories made in.