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Collection – FW 2017

Every child grew up with a certain expectation of what adulthood should be. What if we grew up without erasing our childlike wonder & without forgetting our naivety?
This collection was inspired by the idea of coming-of-age in modern society. Growing up is not a problem, forgetting is.
Collection is available at zhettova.com
Founded in 2015, ZHETTOVA's design studio is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Each piece is hand-engineered to exacting quality using specially curated fabrics. ZHETTOVA is a medium of self-expression. The label is a contemporary women's ready-to-wear line aiming to push the boundaries of fashion by redefining the essence of daily wear. ZHETTOVA is a declaration that the everyday is an occassion and you should always be dressed for it. All of our clothes are manufactured in Indonesia, where our design team manages the creation of our products from conception through consumption.