Zhao Qianyan

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central saint martins college of art and design
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Collection – To find your own self it’s a long long way

“Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms? Alone and palely loitering? The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing. Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms? So haggard and so woe-begone? - La Belle Dame sans Merci by John keats The designer has caught the spirit from <Knight of cup> by the movie director Terrence Malick, and had awakening the hidden sentiments of breaking the forbearance of the world. This self-searching, however, is regarded as necessary parts of the co-
infusion written in human nature. Looked into your own soul, doubted our existence, where is the enlightenment? What on
earth do I want? Where is my mind on the way to the truth in those endless darkness nights?

The front meaning of the tarot card ‘knight of cup’ represents romance nature and chasseing change, challenge and cha-
nces —romanticism. But it means unreliable, fraud and hypocritical when it appears on the opposite – realism.It’s a real li-
fe script to all of us. We expect the pretty dreams, as we will chase all along those idealistic; nevertheless, life is disappointing
from time to time. After all we meant to go through all kind of frustrating experience, confusion, but every single one shall fi-
nd their own exit then we will realest those doubts and dazzled at the end we would learn how to embrace this world with a
gentle heart and clam mind.

The designer is self-searching his own signature on his long career path. It has been lost the direction in such uncertainty, dri-
fting by differently sounds and senses. Those desirous becoming more intensity but sincerity when it all reaches on the boun-
dary of a breaking point. Kept considering, inspecting, observing, cultivating and loitering on this same path until we found
a next exit. It ‘s a deeply sublimation for the designer while he on his self-searching road.

In this collection you would found the designer has combined his sensitive sensation appealing of the contemporary mainstr-
eam trend. It ‘s hardly unnoticed that the designer has redefined the romanticism and classicism in his unorthodox way thro-
ugh the whole collection along side with deconstructed and reconstructed. The forward overlong sleeves ‘mistaken ‘heap-
ed the volumes as the balloon sleeves symbolized the most significant features of the romanticism but in undercurrent langu-
ages; the unfasten construction it could return to a normal dressing state when it fasten. The semi-developed prototypes ens-
embles that the designer is trying to break the inherency regulation of his own mind without making any drama scene intenti-

Retro romantics floral prints, Jacquard lace wore with hoodie and denim jeans suit vaguely presented the re-cognizable ages,
the material and colour has its very own purposeful to restrict each other for being individual by breaking their own regulation.
It was an extraordinary adventure of chasing challenge and searching changing the within his romantic human nature under th-
is realistic and self-searching among between this maintains stream of consciousness.

ZHAO QIANYAN collection features the conversations that happen between a garment, the space it sits in, and the way it fits. It's method of design involves craft and consideration, inspired by the interaction between different materials - especially the raw and rougher around the edges. Past and future is a consensual art between convention and converting in which creations come down to their completely conflicting of the noumenon. Its a new subject of acknowledgment that unconsciously shapes and symbolises personality. Being individual is modernist but being nonchalant is more contemporary. That specificity is entirely compatible with a minimalist approach. It's on the tipping point between male and female - an interesting aesthetic of gender fluidity. Clothes are more than just design, they're anthropological. They embody experiences beyond thought.