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Universidad ORT Uruguay
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Collection – ICE & FIRE

"This season we look at Iceland, a land of extreme dualities where volcanoes and glaciers look back at each other defiantly. Home to impossible landscapes, never-ending cascades, cushiony meadows and precious wild life. Iceland is a celebration of discovery. Reality and fantasy working together. A land that forces us to slow the pace, be amazed and vibrate with every striking pattern it gifts us. Its surrealist nature embraces us in. We travel through its majestic sceneries with curiosity and an investigative eye, we explore its mysticism and charm, taking a leap to challenge our own creativity. It is within our resilient search for the extraordinary where hides the magic of nature, offering sense to our deepest impulses."

Fashion Films

We are a contemporary women’s demi-couture label. We praise ourselves in designing luxury pieces handmade with extreme care in our hometown in Uruguay. Primarily using the most noble natural materials our country has to offer: wool and leather, we are committed to utilising local resources produced in a sustainable way. We seek to preserve the artisanal “savoir faire” and our work comes from a deep love of the arts and a care for details, rooted in our Uruguayan culture. We work halfway between the artisanal and the industrialised. Each piece is crafted in small scale workshops where we blend traditional techniques with innovative details. Our aim is to support the national workforce via a fair and responsible production system, stocking pieces that bring joy to the wearer as well as the maker. Our inspiration comes from the clash between the intricate of the natural world, and the polished of urban textures - resulting in a style that is opulent, bold and powerful. We believe time-honoured craftsmanship is the ultimate luxury.