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Collection – 1001

Morrocco in the seventies, a dreamscape for musicians, artists and their muses, an exotic and luxurious bohemian kingdom full of stories. YVY's new collection is inspired by the mixture of oriental mystique and geometric islamic patterns in the heyday of experimental liberation.It's the aesthetic of 1001 night: at the same time...

Fashion Films

**WWW.YVY.CH**INFO@YVY.CH** OUR STORY: YVY is trend and seasonal independent design; traditional craftsmanship meets innovation. Founded 2012 in Switzerland, at home all over the world. Away from mass production towards carefully created pieces of art. YVY stands for selected materials and quality throughout the whole process of manufacturing. The SKIN & SPIRIT collections, entirely handmade out of italian vegetable tanned leather, prove how seductive sustainability can be. A line of versatile, feminine accessories that can transform a simple dress into an exquisite and unique look. Detailed tracery, lacing and delicate rivets combined with skillfully developed cuts melt into transcendental pieces of craftsmanship. ETHICS: We care about fair conditions and transparency in all steps of production – from thought-out material sourcing to pleasant working conditions up to courteous customerservice. From the first cut to the final lacing – all our pieces are completely handmade by the designer and her team of artisans in the studio in Switzerland. DESIGNER: Yvonne Reichmuth was born 1986 in Switzerland. After graduating in fashion design in Zurich in 2008, she released tree womenswear collections that ranged from silk dresses to leather trousers. At the same time, Yvonne started working as a fashion stylist, gaining additional experience on editorial and advertising shoots, as well as doing costumes for movies and numerous custom-made pieces. Developing a big passion for leather, Yvonne started to focus on leather crafting, which resulted in the SKIN collection and a new specialization for her brand YVY in 2012. Refining her skills at Scuola del Cuoio in Florence, she took leather crafting to the next level and created the SPIRIT collection. With her love for traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde designs, Yvonne has attracted the attention of various magazines, celebrities, customers and has been invited to exhibit in London, Warsaw, Zurich and in Italy at the ORIGIN-invited by NJAL. See more on www.yvy.ch