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Collection – Wing it

The theme of this collection is “Wing it”
With our own unconventional method, we, young n sang, wanted to freely design our collection. We believe that inspirational references, sketches, and research restrict designers’ potential abilities. Without taking those ordinary methods, we implemented our own senses and feelings to purely design our collection. As the motto of this collection is “Wing it”, we adopted our own improvisational patchworking because we believe that patchworking is the most appropriate designing method that highlights our nonconformist idea, and this improvisational patchworking derived interesting factors that we have not recognized.
young n sang is a men’s streetwear brand that was founded by a designer couple, Youngshin and Sanglim, in 2018. This dynamic duo met in middle school and has been together for the last 12 years. Together, they have worked to make great strides in gaining recognition for their innovative style. Their continual effort towards their fashion was first recognized in 2015 when they were selected as winners for two of the Council of Fashion Designer of America(CFDA) competitions. As a result of Sang' recognition for her design, the CFDA recommended her as the “perfect creative ambassador” in 2016. This recommendation had landed her a collaboration with the NFL to design a football for the 50th Anniversary of Super Bowl. After this experience, they also won the Best Vision Prize from leather and Fur competition in Haining, China as well.