Ying Yang

new york
new york
united states
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pratt institute
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united states
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Collection – Chinatown F/W18

This collection is about the first-generation of the Chinese immigrants who live in Chinatown today in New York City. Ying went to Chinatown to interview and collect stories from the people who live there for a long time. she (Ying) is amazed by how people still celebrate and appreciate their own culture in the most westernized environment.
Ying loves to create the textile in her own way. During the process of researching and interviewing, she took a lot of meaningful photos and she manipulated those photographs that created all the prints in this collection. A lot of the gathering technique were used to give the texture to the surface of the fabric.
She was inspired by the road signs in Chinatown. Therefore, she created her own writing such as "parking only for Ying" skirt, "Must be 21 to enter" raincoat , and "#Love Ying Yang #Cash only " vinyl trench coat.
Ying Yang Pratt Institute Graduates was originally born in China and, moved to the U.S, New York City with her family at the age of 13. She got into local Art High School as a bilingual student under the fine art program. This developed her abstract way of thinking. She really enjoys the process of researching and the development of textile. For every collection, she put herself into the stories and tries to dig deeper into stories and pull out her very own personal perspective in her collection. Experiment and personal experience is the key for her. Ying wants to use fashion as a medium to express her ideas also, explores the unexpected possibility. She worked at Verawang and Jill Stuart as design interns. In the meantime, her 3D look has been selected for the Fashion + Sustainability: "Waste Not, Want Not" Exhibition. This project is based on research on “What is wasted? Why is it wasted? How to fix it?” She presented her latest collection at Pratt Fashion show 2018.