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Collection – Convertible Clothing: Tulip Convertible Bolero Cardigan

Shrugs and Bolero cardigans are elegant and easy way to compliment all your looks from day to night, or pair it up with a dress and best clothes to travel in. There are many ways to wear cardigans especially Tulip Convertible Bolero Cardigan. Unsnap and convert to multiple scarves and wraps styles. For a more edgy look, this piece can even be...
My name is Yevgeniya Yushkova, and I’m the 28-year-old designer of the brand YAY | Alexandra Yushkova . My office and production are located in Los Angeles. I am an immigrant form Russia, whose life dream of being a designer through my entire lead to the creation of a brand that will bring innovation to the fashion world while supporting the US economy. YAY is a special, revolutionary collection of women's convertible clothing. My line is based on needs, individuality, style, and versatility. Each of the pieces is completely customizable and multi-functional. They contain detachable sections and can be transformed into various garments that may be worn individually or joined together to form a brand new look. For example, a skirt can be converted into a jacket or a scarf in just a few moments, and now it’s a completely new outfit! The collection is designed for a woman on-the-go, offering everything from casual tops to evening sportswear, while still focusing on everyday clothing. This revolutionary collection provides busy business women with an ability to change outfits without having to go home or bring a change of clothes to the office. Packing a week’s worth of clothing for a hectic business trip or a relaxing getaway into a carry-on is now a reality with the YAY convertible clothing line, which allows the traveler to create multiple looks from a single garment.