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taipei, taiwan
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Collection – NOT JUST A LABEL-F

“Not Just A Label”

Who will you be when a Society “Without” Labels?

Labeling is a tool that humans use to resolve the impossible complexity of the environment we grapple to perceive. Like many human faculties, it's adaptability and miraculous, but it also contributes to some of the deepest problems that face our species.
Labels are heavy when its abuse as they close the minds and views of people to change. This can be hard & hurt for everyone.
When people start believing a label, they don’t see anything about the person except for whatever the label is. The rest of a person’s traits are crossed-out by the label. Everyone constructs by pieces, Pros and Cons. But when all people can see is the negative traits, it can be hard for a person to change.

When people are labeled, they tend to rebel. They do not want to show how hurt or angry, they are but might instead play on these perceptions as a way of getting back. They retreat into their own private world and push people away, accepting they are social rejects.
Once isolated, they become anti-social and resort to other means of making them happy. Perhaps even substance abuse.

Let’s accept that people are individuals, unique and too complex to label in general.
Labels should stay where they suppose– ” Labels Are For Clothes, Not people.”

We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes.
Maybe we have more in common than what we think??

Fashion Films

WXY established in 2011, start the first shoe collection in 2013 (public the first season in New York), which is Created & Designed in Taiwan. WXY: FIND U, BE U. A brand WITHOUT stereotypical impression of gender. this name is from Sex-determination system, is the most familiar, as it is found in humans. In WXY system, An Endemic Species born of a new Genderless era. Which is not XX/XY sex chromosomes, But in response to the evolution of the world's first 24 sexual chromosome—[ WXY] (Also is An abbr. name of the designer, that is why it calls WXY) Brand DNA: The Neutrality philosophy of WXY directed mainly at everything which is locked under the social standard or discrimination, no matter gender, race, species, culture, religion, poor or rich…. As everyone is special and equal, Labels Are For products, Not people, the world is wonderful by different. You know who you are. Find the person who you are in WXY. 。極端中性。 Radical Neutrality Not XX or XY, But WXY.