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hong kong
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Collection – intheKITCHEN 2013S/S

The personal inspiration of Spring/Summer 2013 collection stems from kitchen, the things from kitchen, shape, textile, mood, even the silhouette of apron,which we use and touch every day. Like cooking, I am trying to design a collection by using different material,colour tone with elongate silhouette. To create a cool, fresh,tough image of women.

Fashion Films

[wai] by LAMKAYAN is designed to explore things or feelings around our life and to present in form of clothing,each collection was present a group image of specific group of people,with their own story and life style. 歪,pounce as [wai] , a chinese word means slant/inclined/awry. Also stand for the initial of designer's surname-Yan. The designer, Lam Ka Yan was was born in Hong Kong in June 1990. After finishing high school she study fashion design at Hong Kong Design Institute and Nottingham Trent University in Hong Kong for 3 years Nottingham Trent University, graduated in 2012. The collection "Underground- the world beneath your feet" got the Creativity Award from Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and one of the finalist of Young Talent Award Hong Kong in 2011. After graduate she worked in a local fashion brand "uuu.....shooop!!!' as a assistant fashion designer