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Collection – S'ENTREMÊLER 2018

Interweaving events, life's journeys. Which path is taken only depends on us. Nothing can be accidental and all components of the universe are interconnected.
While creating any clothes collection, we think over classical business image. Courage and elegancy composite is so prominent. The combination of suit with velvet or chiffon conveys a special atmosphere of the collection. Heroines VOGIA is an active, purposeful woman whose life is filled with various activities. Remaining strong on the face, there is always room for the manifestation of a true female entity. Every day they skillfully combine different roles of their lives. Intertangling in collection symbolizes a multifaceted life, the existence of many of his scenarios. Each of us daily approve his own. At the heart of the collections has become intertangling expressed into details as well as in lines of the mould. Intertangling are being transformed from item to item keep going and explaining one another.
"When they say in VOGIA that they love to create, and creativity is life, they really think so. Take a look at the collection of the brand, or even better - try on their universal solutions, and everything will fall into place." It turned out that we became the only manufacturers of designer business clothes in the market of Ukraine, able to offer not only quality items, but also a kind of image life. All because the brand helps the modern business woman live in the rhythm of the city. With VOGIA kits, you quickly choose what to wear today and do not waste precious time on this process. The main task of VOGIA collections is to help a woman look strictly and businesslike, but at the same time feminine and proper to her status. The main thing is that we do not blindly follow trends, but we create a unique, classical style with elements of the avant-garde - these are "eternal" images for each day.