Viviano Sue

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bunka fashion college, tokyo
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Collection – VIVIANO SUE Fall-Winter 2017-2018 Mélange étrange

Voluminous silhouettes, flamboyant fabrics, dulcet radiance and softness to the touch. We find the HOUSE OF VIVIANO SUE going back to their roots with their Fall/Winter 2018-19 line-up. Using a diverse range of luxurious fabrics and extravagant styles, the collection truly deserves the name it has been given, “Melange Etrange”. The name of the collection means Strange Mixture in French, and the featured works are all mixing of various styles and materials. The collection acquaints the far east with the west and mixes a multitude of ravishing fabrics. The time-honored silhouette of a simple kimono can be seen having become a more lush and complex structure utilizing numerous fabrics in this collection. It also has a very whimsical color palette and the works feature peculiar usage of color blocking. Inspired by the iconic era of the 1980s, we see musings received from the era’s Sci-Fi movie culture, its disco lights and its blatant cutting-edge style reflected in the details of the works included in the line-up. The meticulously selected materials for this season’s actualization consist of the highest quality synthetic fur, wool, silk, and polyester.

The beauty direction for the show is done entirely by Tadashi Harada and it doesn’t fall short of the collection in its grandiose.

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Viviano Sue is an Avant-Garde designer, passionate for pushing the boundaries of fashion. Having lived in the United States and China, he came to Japan to study fashion at Bunka Academy in Tokyo. These diverse cultures have influenced his aesthetic as a designer. His inspirations are drawn from structures in architecture, geometry and nature. After achieving his Master degree from Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Viviano has since built his own brand and is now read to take this to the new stage. A departure from his background in Couture and Bridal, Viviano is poised to define the coming season through his debut “No-Gender” ready-to wear line of unique, edgy, and exquisite garments.