Veronica Spampinato

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@Polimoda Fashion institute
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Collection – INTO MEN KANGAE

INTO MEN KANGAE, is born from the research to find the most unthinkable and particular vices of business Japanese man. Thanks to comics, stories of perversions and books I wanted to tell the most hidden and prohibited side of a culture so far form mine, where the role-playing games and the subjugation of man, become the background of my final collection.
Most of the fabrics were printed with personal graphics because i really wanted that the collection can reflect more myself.
My name is Veronica, I am a 21 year- old fashion design student, I was born in Sicily but now I am attending Polimoda in Florence. I am usually looking around to find something that makes me feel alive. During my creative progression I am trying to have a modern approach to design, discovering the inner side of the history that I am going to illustrate to create new silhouettes. I'am fascinated by people's way of living, their cultures and their way of dressing.