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Collection – I M P E R I A L M O T H collection

Vernissage new collection introduces to a secluded, secret place, an emotional shelter lost in unconscious dreams. The main theme providing the name of the collection is about the sleepy mood of winter lethargy. A suspended moment, out of reality and awaiting for the rebirth. Old trunks, windy paths inside trees, pieces of bark build up lost...


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Ilenia Corti founded Vernissage in 2008 Vernissage collections are an invitation to assist to the show of a frozen Nature in its vital tension, an image fading in time, a testimony of the memory of when small things were the most enchanting. Each jewel, each accessory crystallizes into a fragment of this fragile and mysterious Universe. The project finds its inspiration in the tension among a dreamy vision, a childlike vitality and the pragmatism of the adult world. The brand’s strong creative identity has brought it to the attention of main International magazines like Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, New York Times, Los Angeles Times; moreover the brand attended primary events like Vogue Talents, Altaroma, Uk Jewellery Awards, Super Talents, A.I. Artisanal Intelligence,ASVOFF Vernissage is produced in Italy according to the traditional rules of high jewellery. The collection is handmade by expert craftsmen who collaborate with one of the leader companies in this sector, Santagostino, owned by the Corti family. Vernissage jewels want to highlight the frame of the jewel which is usually hidden. The skeleton on which decorations and stones usually lay is highlighted by a filigree of godronné and burnished silver. Each creation is hand modeled and finely hand carved, down to the cuts and the settings for the stones.