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Collection – Spiral Evolution

In her latest collection entitled “Spiral Evolution“ jewellery designer Güzin Deveci-Gröhs, from the label un_wearable by güzin, presents a new perspective to her characteristic spirals.
This new style, where rich colours compliment simple forms, is clean and geometric. Whether worn as an eye-catcher for evening dress or simply with an everyday outfit, it can make the perfect accompaniment.
“Spiral Evolution” explores the exciting potential that basic geometric shapes combined with colourful 3D printed fasteners and soft steel fittings can offer.
Described as light and playful, this not only refers to their appearance but just as importantly to their comfort and feel when worn. 3D printing technology also allows the designer to create lightweight yet stable design components.
Functionality may appear simple at first glance, yet hidden behind the minimalistic façades of the bracelets and rings is a sophisticated opening and closing system.
Through the “Spiral Evolution" collection, Deveci-Gröhs is targeting a broader audience of fashion lovers: her geometrically inspired bracelets, rings and earrings are unisex and will appeal to all ages.
un_wearable by güzin’s aim is not only to blur the boundaries between fashion and design, but between gender stereotypes.
Everything that one sees, whether consciously or sub-consciously, is usually perceived in accepted ways and patterns, from form and shape, to colours, and functionality. ​Founded in 2014, the fashion jewellery label passionately believes that through breaking up such clichés, any object can be transformed into a precious ornament. ​ Even the brand's name is meant as a challenge; Can the un_wearable become wearable? ​ Vienna-based jewellery designer Güzin Deveci-Gröhs’s unique vision is to realize people’s inherent desire:  that basic need to express their individuality through un_obtrusive expressive jewellery. ​ Working with a vast array of ordinary and  unconventional materials,  combined with her boundless imagination, she creates pieces that are not only stunning but un_wearable.