Tsemaye Binitie

lAGOS / LONDON / New York
lAGOS / LONDON / New York
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United Kingdom / nigeria
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Collection – M AA S K

Pre-Fall 2015

What lies beneath…

This one question resonated with Tsemaye Binitie as the starting point for the development of his the seventh collection of his almost four-year-old namesake label.

Focusing on Masks from his native Nigeria Tsemaye sought to dig deeper beneath the surface of his inspiration to unearth, that which lies beneath. ‘Maske’, a collection of 107 photographs by fine art photographer Phyllis Galembo served as a visual point of reference for Tsemaye.
“Masking is one of the most complex and secretive, yet profoundly important phenomena in Africa”. Tsemaye's interest Like Galembo’s lies in the wearer’s belief in the power of ritual costume to alter their everyday reality.
MAASK: the Pre-fall 15 collection seeks to transfix its wearer altering their everyday reality.
Tsemaye Binitie is a contemporary fashion label characterised by exquisite clothing encapsulating a love of luxury and innovative design. Tsemaye Binitie specialises in cutting edge demi-couture (advanced contemporary) ladies wear that combines functionality with high design content. Meticulous cut, indulgent fabrics and sartorial construction permeate the delivery of sharp, refined and timeless pieces. The pieces will feature dynamic, draped and body conscious silhouettes with a deep desire to communicate a new sense of elegance and modern glamour. The Tsemaye Binitie woman is an icon of strength, beauty and glamour. The collections will appeal to her as she has a strong understanding of self, she will appreciate the complex hidden details behind the simplicity of the pieces.