Trisha Sakhlecha

Escapism and utopian desires are certainly a much needed indulgence today! My Spring Summer 2011 collection “Caught in a Tale” begins with the story of a girl who once loved fairy tales, and who wants to believe again... in fairies, enchantments and magic. Inspired by the Victorian illustrator Arthur Rackham, Caught in a Tale uses fine goat suede, lightweight silk and sheers with techniques such as marbling, laser cutting and engraving. Silhouettes play with scale as Victorian frills and baby’s clothes are blown out of proportion, cut up, and collaged to build a range with childishly naive, asymmetric shapes, quirky prints and laser cut suede laces. Shoulders droop, frills start to look schizophrenic and dresses and skirts get twisted to the point of subversion. The fact that a skirt sits diagonally on the waist adds to the strange, wonky undertone. Add transparent glass nylon so shiny it looks like plastic and gigantic platform shoes and this season’s somewhat absurd, somewhat fabulous character is born.