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Collection – S/S 2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise

“Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise” Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by yours truly, all started out as a personal escape to moving forward, of seeking rebirth, finding new beginnings and fighting to falling love again.

I named this collection “Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise” as my personal swan song over the pain of loving someone you cannot have. I started to paint the pain of an unrequited love but I refused to be defeated. I thought to myself: An unexpressed pure love and displaced passion is an unmet greatness... I will never be a “greatness unmet”. I choose to redeem myself with my art and my heart through this collection.

So just a short funny back story, I fell in love with the sweetest most romantic French Guy who lives in Hanoi,Vietnam. We met in paradise that I couldn’t get over the fantasy. I was so head over heels in love that I booked myself a flight after missing him for a month and when I arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam — a very new land that I have never been to (plus I do not know anyone either!) — The French Guy dumped me because he told me he has met this “Hanoi Girl” and we both should move on. Ouch. Burn. So there I was in a foreign land, that I don’t know of and I was dumped. But NO, I will not be defeated by this! I’m a fashion designer!

I may be singing my Swan Song but I am not going to be defeated.

I started wondering who this “Miss Hanoi Girl” is, as I started sketching and imagining this lady who “stole” my guy... I started imagining through my designs what type of girl she is... Getting so much inspiration from the beautiful traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai Dresses and the Hanoi culture I started painting this fantasy girl in my mind.

Being alone in this beautiful untouched city, got me all inspired. The rich fabrics, the untainted culture and the passionate fire of nationalism that runs through the spirit of the Vietnamese People...This is a nation that the world should get to know and appreciate even more so.

As I started painting my heart’s desires and singing my swan song in this new land of untainted inspiration I started making these pieces that I’ve realised... Every girl can be this “Miss Hanoi Girl” in my clothing! The vision of seeing fashion icons like Anna Dello Russo and Misha Janette, artists like Bjork and Katy Perry or even the young fashion blood like Tavy Gevinson could rock this “Miss Hanoi” looks too!

As I complete this self searching and personal reflections, I find myself that I can pour my love through this beautiful vision that... in my purest heart and desire and my creative mind, I can be “Miss Hanoi” that every girl in Hanoi and even beyond outside Hanoi would want to wear... and as for you Mr. French Guy, you’ll be seeing me in every girl you would date in this beautiful City of Hanoi with the clothing pieces I’ve created… Who knows perhaps you’ll be seeing me all over the world with my designs!

In the process of developing this new collection with a driving force of a new and revamped Tracy Dizon, I found myself fully inspired and energised with the purity and beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam meshed with my creative soul and deep desire for love. I present to you... “Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise” Don’t be sad over my Swan Song, she’s this fresh fierce fashion girl the world is yet to know!

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I'm Tracy Dizon, a Manila-based young fashion designer, I design clothes, accessories ad now I have my own line of headpieces named Tiara . Feel free to look around my past and latest creations. As you will see, I'm more into quirky girly meets avant-garde stuffs that I really enjoy.