Tony Lee

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University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
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Collection – THE LOOPING

‘THE LOOPING’ questions the conventional way of creating knitwear. During the research process Tony Lee discovered that machine knitting and hand knitting are very different and therefore can be seen incompatible to each other. In ‘THE LOOPING’ Tony Lee breaks the boundary between machine-made and handcrafted textile by blending the machine and hand knitting techniques in one process. Through this unique approach Tony Lee emphasises that knitting should not only be considered as a stretch material but also as an interlooping structure. The concept of ‘blend’ is explored further by knitting hand dyed yarns and sewing threads in various thicknesses and colours together, which creates an exuberant and rich tonal effect. The contrast in tension and scale is shown by gradually reducing scale from hand knitting with chunky wool into fine machine knitting, seamlessly joining the two structures into one continuous interlooping structure. The harmony between machine knitting and hand knitting highlights the structure vs drape, creating a unique shape, form and silhouette. In future Tony Lee aims to design innovative fashion showing the balance between traditional methods of handcraft and the precision of new technology.

Tony Lee was awarded with NSW Business Chamber scholarship to help him create the collection, based on the innovative use of Australian Merino Wool and supporting local Australian Woollen mills.
Tony Lee recently graduated University of Technology, Sydney and is a knitwear designer who aims to break the incompatible boundary between handcraft and machine-made. Tony Lee is focused on creating his own textile through techniques of knitting, and hand dyeing and mixing his own combination of yarns are his usual process. Tony Lee was awarded with NSW Business Chamber Scholarship during his Honours year to support in production with his graduate collection 'The Looping'. Since graduating Tony Lee was selected as one of the finalists to showcase his collection at VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival) National Graduate Showcase, sponsored by Virgin Australia, Fashion Journal and AMPR. Lee's design has been featured on Fashion Journal, Pages Digital, Ugly Mag, The Age and Vogue Talents. In 2017, Lee launched Tony Lee Knitwear, a label based in sydney creating unique & quality knitwear made in Australia. Visit to view latest collection.