são paulo
são paulo
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istituto europeo di design
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Collection – substantial

This collection is the first collection of the label. It shows the real beginning of studies about shapes and textures. That's why is called 'substatial', because it is the most essencial things about the brand.
THEVEIN is based, thought and tailored in São Paulo, founded in 2017. It was happening thought experiments and tests of textures and shapes which aim the denim as identity and main objective. we are a label that merges the shape of modern design with textures made by hand or with industrial methodes on fabrics, bringing the experimental to the repetitive and, eventually, inserting creativity and identity to daily life. we bring the field of experimentation and discoveries to the fabric, potentially influencing our final product, sensibly redefining our urban environment concepts, reflecting on the clothes, always attentive to details.