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RMIT University Australia

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Therefore is a slow fashion label, ethically producing high quality, unique and adaptable women’s wear, made to last. Each limited edition garment is made to order, hand crafted and customised to fit, using the finest fabrications, artisan techniques and ethical local production.

Drawing from a wide variety of influences and concepts of sustainability, designer, Cary Aiken, reworks classic garment archetypes, using luxury fabrications and artisanal craft techniques, to create wearable luxury garments. Her practice integrates all aspects of sustainability, from the practical, to the more intimate. With a focus on ethical production, minimising waste and engaging the wearer with the practice of making.

"Through showcasing the craft techniques and human interaction that brought each garment to life, we we aim to increase the value of the maker, the making process and add to the emotional and physical value of garments. By sharing the creative practice and unique insights into the production process, we encourage an interest in, and an engagement with, the way our clothes are made. Hoping to help facilitate a more genuine appreciation of the making process, which may in turn transform the way we consume and discard clothing, leading to increased perceived value, and therefore product lifetime."

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