There Are Still Good People

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new york
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london college of fashion
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Collection – VISION BOMBER

Born from a new imagination of our ideas. The Vision Bomber is inspired by genuinely good people that have gone overlooked, such as the details in this garment. No two bomber prints are exactly a like, uniquely individual, just like its owner. Printed on our natural blue, the words shine through for a necessary detail everyone needs to see.

NOT EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD HARBORS THE IMAGE OF PEACE MANY WOULD LOVE TO ACHIEVE IN THIS LIFETIME. NOT EVERYTHING MOVES HOW WE WOULD LIKE IT TO. BUT WE ARE BELIEVERS IN ALL THINGS RIGHTEOUS. WE BELIEVE IN GOD, THE HUMAN SPIRIT AND THE PERSEVERANCE DRIVEN BY WILLPOWER. EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE, EVERYONE HAS A PATH, EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN DESTINY. THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE WAS BORN FROM THESE IDEAS. THE THOUGHT THAT JUST AS THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE LEFT IN A WORLD RIDDLED BY DISORDER, THERE IS STILL CLOTHING MADE OF QUALITY TO BE FOUND WITHIN THE CONVOLUTED MASS, MADE FROM THE GOOD THAT IS LEFT IN THE WORLD. / / There Are Still Good People was born out of the belief that just as there are still good people in a world filled with ignorance, hate, suffering, and so much more - there are still good products being created with the purest intentions from resources that have the smallest footprint on the planet we live in, So we try our best to spread a positive and hopeful message through mediums that are kind to our planet and everyone on it. We are just trying to have the biggest impact on the world while having the smallest impact on our planet. The fashion industry is the second most harmful industry to our environment and when we decided to launch our brand we decided we didn’t want to add to that footprint. We couldn’t talk about being “good people” while harming animals, creating garments in unsuitable work conditions, and virtue signalling while keeping our money to ourselves. So we don’t use any fabrics or finishes that come from animals and all of our garments are made in America and any of our accessories that are made elsewhere will have a clearly stated country of origin. There are a few causes we are very passionate about (i.e: Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Breast Cancer) so we try our best to give back and do good with some of the money we make. This whole process is a big part of our journey in becoming better people. We're not perfect. We will make mistakes and we might accidentally let some things get pass us, but we are trying. It's not about doing the most, it's about doing the most we can with what we have. If you think we have made any mistakes or you have any questions or criticisms about where our products come from or what our intentions are, feel free to contact us. If you're not feeling okay and just want to have a chat, please send us an email or DM and we can have a chat. We're not perfect, we're not even close - we are still learning and still trying. So for anyone who’s struggling, for anyone who doesn’t feel great, for anyone who is trying to be the best them - as long as you’re trying to be better, you’re still good in our eyes.