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new delhi
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national institute of fashion technology, kolkata, india
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Collection – Re-imagine

Re-imagine : Spring summer -2018
The collection is called “Re-imagine”, which is all about re-purposing the past to re-imagine the future, with powerful contrasts forged between the “Natural & Man-made” and the “Crafted & the Technical” and thus sees new methods of dressing emerge, ideal for transitional offerings. The collection is influenced by the growing interdependence between “Humans & Technology”. The boundaries are blurred between the past & the present, the Tactile & the Technological, and the real & the Virtual. The result is a re-imagined sports oriented collection, merging Active clothing elements & fashion together, the so called “the gym-to-street apparel”, thus striking a balance of style and performance.
Nitin Chawla studied Design from the National Institute of fashion Technology, India and graduated with flying colors and won an award for the “Best Design collection “in 2008. Started the career as a Designer in an export House where in he designed collections, for some of the world’s renowned designers and High street Brands. After working for almost 6 years founded "Theorem" in the year 2013.Recently, the label got nominated for the International Woolmark prize-2017-18, Menswear category, from the India, Pakistan and the Middle East region. “Story telling & Expression “are the two tools of our Design philosophy, that gives greater meaning and interest to the products beyond the pure utilitarian and adornment purposes, with powerful contrasts forged between the “Natural & Manmade” and the “Crafted & the Technical” and thus ,sees new methods of dressing emerge. Theorem portrays that our subconscious mind has the ability to let deeper thoughts lying in the mind’s fold resurface to the fore and contemplate about them in “Detail”. We firmly believe that “Diversity is Strength “.