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Collection – B-612

This collection is inspired by the displaced people, who are floating in the city as the waves in the sea. They are got lost at this moment in their lifetime and couldn’t find a place where they actually belong yet. Everyone is searching for something in their life, not until they found it, the rest are all displaced people. Although living in the dark, the stars will lead the way to the where one belongs. For those who are lost, they could be the little prince and found his own planet one day.

The designer expresses her thought on the displaced people, how she sees them differently and found hope that no one sees. The collection connects the displaced people with the little prince, which brings the audience a different perspective to their life journey.
SZETES is a fashion label launched in 2017, which explores contemporary style. It follows modern styling and focuses on the aesthetics of everyday life. The brand’s goal is to reveal the blend of art and fashion, which draw inspiration from the literature of both human and nature. SZETES’s designs express the conceptual ideas from the designer’s unique perceptions in a poetic way. Celia Ng, the designer of SZETES, has a strong sense and perceptions on aesthetics. She brings art and fashion together and observes the hidden beauty between human and nature. The designer also has an inquisitive mind, which inspires her wider explorations on textiles, silhouettes and details.