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Collection – F/W 2017 "INSOMNIA

The universe of STYL.MYL. centres around getting inspired by ordinary things in life, and transforming these unique experiences into designs that convey a point of view in terms of aesthetics and style.

With the F/W2017 collection, the brand decides to pay homage to contemporary artists of the European art movement, Nouveau Réalisme (New Realism). Aimed at bringing life and art closer together, the movement stemmed from the ideology of incorporating everyday objects into artworks, challenging people's perception of traditional art forms and materials, and thereby establishing, on its own, a new branch of art.

Entitled "Insomnia", the collection features an extensive manipulation of pleats and knots amidst a kaleidoscope of clashing colours and textures, that very much resemble the collages and assemblages associated to artworks within the realm of Noveau Réalisme.

Spotting the usual non-constricting silhouettes and architectural shapes, the gender-free collection invokes a hint of anti-establishment through the seemingly random juxtaposition of fabrics and construction in each piece. For instance, the pairing of faux fur with bleached denim in the form of wide-legged pants; a metallic coated denim jacket with quilted pockets; a quilted jumpsuit with faux fur around the borders etc... Like pieces of wearable art, every piece is thoughtfully crafted and worthy of being singled out as the standout piece of the collection.

Chaotic it may seem, the incongruity of the materials and colour palette for each look produces an unexpected vibe that, surprisingly, harmonises with the brand's experimental DNA. It is unquestionably a poetic expression of the brand's perception of urban reality, mirroring the ironies and the perfect imperfections in life.

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Deriving its name from a colloquial term frequently used to define an individual with an unorthodox sense of style, styl.myl. (pronounced as “stylo-mylo”) is inspired to design stylish and uniquely different sartorial pieces marked by clean modernity and superior finishing. Infusing both eastern aesthetics and western sensibilities, the key element to a styl.myl. design is stylishness characterized by a certain nonchalant attitude, occasionally with an offbeat quality. styl.myl. places extreme emphasis on the cut and engineering of its designs, and adopts an experimental spirit in using both quality natural and technical materials to create urban unisex clothing and accessories that are contemporary and refined. With signature looks inspired by jumpsuits, the androgynous style and sombre-chic quality it channels requires a person carrying it to possess the right balance of audacity and sophistication. Each ensemble comprises detachable tops and bottoms that are interchangeable and can be worn as separates.