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esmod international university of art for fashion berlin
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Collection – Alchemy

Studiowinklers Alchemy collection draws its inspiration from fashion photographer Sarah Moon and the musician Ofrin. Sarah Moon, former couture mannequin and then autodidactic fashion photographer, captures clothing away from any model or the actual garment as a focal point. Moon makes the essential impression of a piece of clothing, an object or an animal the subject of her work. The artist found her today signature style through the work of fashion creatives from the eighties such as Yohji Yamamoto or Issey Miyake. This inspiration led Sarah Moon to abstract, minimalistic but always picturesque tableaus. Central to the photography of Moon are the elements of disguise and revelation. The abstract, painterly aesthetic of her photographs evokes a connection to the art of alchemy and the science of elements. This inspiration results in a collection showing minimalistic, monochrome designs and juxapotitions of disguise and revelation. The musician Ofrin, a friend of Julia Winkler, contributed as a source of inspiration with the spherical and experimental character of her music. A strong woman with an intellectual mindset, Ofrin has a specific feel for abstract but captivating sound. Inspired by her persona, Julia created menswear inspired architectural seeming volumes, sometimes only consisting of two or three seams to give shape.

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Zurich-born Julia Winkler graduated with distinction from Berlin’s International University of Art for Fashion (ESMOD) in 2012, with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Pattern-Making. Her approach to design is reputed for its experimentalism. Behind every Studiowinkler collection lies a library of references: though their outlines are abstract and bent out of shape beyond recognition, the aura of each still lingers. The influences are so cleverly entwined that little lucid links shine forth (and that’s the magic of Winkler’s trick). It is the kind of poetic precision that makes Winkler an auteur amongst designers. Abstruse as her influences persist to be, they certainly make for a captivating read.