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new delhi
new delhi
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london college of fashion
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The capsule collection ' Stairway to Nirvana' showcases a passage where the human body is conflicted between its desire to reach a stage of happiness and content vs abiding by the societal norms. It depicts the deep rooted conflict of a workaholic human whether or not to desire to explore unknown universes, and utopian cities, elaborating on the luminescence of celestial energy. The contrast between crisp work wear silhouettes and more overflowing, energetic designs is used to show the transformation between reality and fantasy. Interplay of colour with bold embroidery creates a perfect atmosphere for exploration and adds to depth of the human desires.

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Rigu, an opinionated pret-a couture brand, is the brainchild of Riya Gupta. A fresh graduate from London College of Fashion, Rigu, founded in 2017, is her attempt to juxtapose her traditional heritage with her vagabond soul. The brand creates garments for a modern women who can enjoy couture as an everyday wardrobe essential, one that she has worked hard for. It aims to add fantasy, drama and poetry as updated staples in the customers wardrobe. We provide an eclectic assortment for that unabashed woman whose style knows no confines. The aesthetic: ' Empowered femininity', is a juxtaposition of architectural silhouettes with romantic and refined workmanship. With utmost emphasises on femininity and authenticity in a fresh, aspirational and curious manner, the brand wants to provide a transitional wardrobe, where refined experimentalism and couture come together unexpectedly. We wanted to create a brand that makes people fall in love with what they are wearing. Those kind of fabulous, quality pieces that our grandmothers had in their wardrobes.We design clothes for that working, globetrotting woman who can create a harmonious balance between work and fun.