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Collection – SS18 - KINDRED HEART

Introducing Kindred Heart, the SS18 collection from sticks + stone

The collection boasts feature silhouettes & bright, bold prints, balanced with everyday staples. All crafted ethically with sustainable materials to create timeless quality pieces, designed to be loved & worn for years to come.

We aim to inspire fashion lovers to make more conscious decisions when it comes to their wardrobe, for better social & environmental outcomes.
STICKS + STONE WAS FOUNDED BY JACKY STICKLER IN 2017. Growing up in the 'Sunshine State' of Queensland in Australia, Jacky formed a love for the outdoors + affinity with the environment from an early age. Long days were spent on sun kissed shores with friends, laughing + dreaming of the magic that the future held. After spending the first decade of her career as a marketing specialist, Jacky got back to her roots + went in search of the magic that she once dreamt of. Leveraging her marketing expertise + passion for positive social contribution + environmental practices; sticks + stone, the label - was born. Jacky has set out to create a ground swell of positive energy amongst a generation of women wanting to be a part of something more. Through beautifully crafted, socially + environmentally conscious items that can be worn from day to dark, sticks + stone aims to inspire women to look + feel at their best + to use their positive energies for good.