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The name Stephanie Kahnau should be remembered – her distinctive clothes and jewellery designs impress with puristic and reduced shapes which are refined by textile finishing processes, such as silkscreening, digital printing, or dyeworks. Results are individually hand-printed unicums which are exceptionally modern and confidently stylish.
“Processing material is the main factor for me with which everything starts,” Stephanie Kahnau, qualified textile designer and founder of the label, explains. Based in Munich, the young designer established ‘Stephanie Kahnau’ in 2012. Since then she knows that realising her own designs, constant self-improvement and being confronted with new challenges on a daily basis are exactly the reasons why she chose this job.
“My focus is on the material. I love to work with various surfaces, to combine new and old techniques and to experiment with classical crafts, such as silkscreening,” Stephanie Kahnau says. What makes her label stand out is the supplementary processing of textiles, that she doesn’t only manufacture ready-to-wear clothes but also designs the textile in itself and that every product is 100 per cent hand-made, ‘Made in Germany’ and created directly in Munich.
Finding her inspiration in small structures, everyday situations and travelling, the designer “seeks to create qualitative, upscale and exceptional pieces as unicums or in a low volume production. Far off from ready-made clothes, my designs want to give people the appreciation for material and the manufacturing process back. Every item stands for itself and lives off the distinctiveness of the detail,” the designer concludes.

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