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Collection – SS15 Death by Watermelon

Things come to an end. That it was good we often know much later. Stefanie Biggels Spring / Summer 15 collection tells the story of memories of a past love. Anecdotes and beautiful moments are in the foreground. Mixed feelings and absurd events flow into each other and let us celebrate a farewell with one laughing and one crying eye. All is...

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Stefanie Biggel`s collections are modern and distinguish themselves through distinct yet unpretentious cuts. Each piece is feminine without being overly playful or ornate. Her unique designs are inspired by, and thus reflect, her personal moods and impressions. Her collections are aimed at confident women who are aware of their femininity yet have the courage to challenge that notion. Stefanie Biggel`s label was founded in 2012 in Zurich. In 2009 she graduated from the Institute for Fashion Design at the Academy of Arts and Design Basel. 
After her studies she concentrated on her own projects and collaborations with artists and graphic designers. Since September 2014 Stefanie lives and works in London, UK.