Sophie De Luca

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – Règlement 51.009a

This collection is inspired by the Swiss military clothes. An other inspiration comes from the men style of the boys around me : my boyfriend, my brothers... They would always wear comfortable clothes like sportswear or streetwear garments like baggies and large t-shirt. I also included the work of Fauxfur, wich is a part of my wish not to use any animal product/fabric in my work but still wanted to work with beautiful textures, and that was exactly what I've been able to do with those fake furs.
I'm a young designer based in Geneva/Switzerland. I've been workting on clothes and fashion design for nine years and I can define my work as a way to transcribe my emotions, lifetime inspirations and values. I'm absolutely in love with the military clothes and all kind of workwear: I love the way the are both beautiful and fonctional.