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Collection – Solemn 2015 S/S Collection: Yin-Yang

Inspired by the philosophy emerged during the Chinese Qing Dynasty of Yin and Yang and its consisting five natural elements, Solemn is specifically characterized by the existing element of “water” as a brand image. The brand pursues the core elements in all matters through the literary theories of ancient eastern culture and attempts to reproduce the fundamental philosophical ideas of the Laozi or Taoism by balancing garment designs between the past and modern.

Solemn’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection takes upon a line in the classic text of Laozi as the core design inspiration with the saying, “All things leave behind them the Obscurity (out of which they have come), and go forward to embrace the Brightness (into which they have emerged), while they are harmonised by the Breath of Vacancy.” The new collection elaborates on the concept of the essential energy that merges into a unison of Yin and Yang, which is essentially composed of the same force, with the lighter Yin energy rising and the heavier Yang solidifying when blended to create a harmonious yet contrasting cosmic force. Such natural phenomena of the Yin and Yang is represented further in the details of garments and technical production through outlining, cutting, and stitching.
The creation of SOLEMN’s designs derive from our pursuits for existence. We believe that during the span of a person’s lifetime, the attempts and the act to connect oneself with all entities existent within the universe is what differentiates and illuminates an individual’s existence. As a result of the dissimilarities we are able to become autonomous, however such connection with the universe does not change the original essence of each entity. Each design drafted by SOLEMN portrays the unique connections within all existence and are set apart by the framework, details, and tailoring. The interconnection and dissimilarities expresses SOLEMN’s personal ideology on existence and summarizes our ideals when discussing the nature of apparel.