saint petersburg / New York
saint petersburg / New York
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parsons school of design
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Collection – Intimate Decipherment

"Intimate Decipherment" collection was premiered at the Collective x Designow fashion show in New York.
The story of the collection features Snezhana’s chrome muse which is a creature that exists in-between the real world and the virtual world. All the uncertainty she might be
going through splashes out during her transformation from the absolutely digital creation in a printed form in the first look, to the physical 3D volumetric creature in the last look.
Each piece was made in NYC from sustainably-sourced, natural silk, silk organza, and wool.

Intimate Decipherment collection features a variety of materials and techniques, including 3D-printing,, silicone casting, machine embroidery, 3D modeling and 3D rendering for digital fabric printing and traditional techniques. Digitally printed and silicone covered 3D renderings and machine embroidery support the overarching story of the collection.
Snezhana said, “I created machine embroidery which I used to translate a digital render of my muse onto the silk organza jumpsuit. I wanted the image to coil down the garment’s silhouette in an organic, crossbody motion. While the menswear coat features 3D faces of a muse of this collection which are visually interconnected with prints and embroidery of the other pieces and a collection of bags”.

Intimate Decipherment has been showcased at the different exhibitions both in the United States and Russia. The elegant collection was premiered at the Collective x Designow fashion show in New York and Harvard Identities Fashion Show organized by Harvard University as well as the 3D Print Expo, in Moscow.
Snezhana Paderina is a New York-based fashion and wearable technology designer working to elevate an assortment of modern fashion+tech wearables by implementing cutting-edge technology with traditional techniques. She is the founder and the creative director at SNEZHANA.NYC, a fashion company that works with a perfect mix of fashion and wearable tech featuring clothes, bags, and unique art pieces.