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AMD Akademie Mode & Design Düsseldorf
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Collection – encounter

Inspired by the current, almost seamless flow of different cultural identities across frontiers, who leave their country to find shelter in another one, the collection 'encounter' deals with the outcome of an encounter of these diverse identities. An outcome that might be generally prejudiced by racist-based thoughts and beliefs but is mirrored in 'encounter' in its purest and most positive form: The expansion of one's own identity through an intercultural encounter.
Influenced by body encounter images, lines of body forms are joined with casualwear silhouettes taken from random put-together refugee outfits, translating the collections matter of subject into deconstructed designs - Modern shapes followed up by a colour palette of a spectrum of various skin colours combined with digital prints of altered skin colour images and a underlining choice of materials.
As a result, 'encounter' stands for an innovative feeling and movement that is mirrored in a collection of fashion forward and prospective garment pieces with modern silhouette and textile approaches.
Franziska Simon was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. Starting her fashion design studies at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design in 2013, she moved to Düsseldorf and graduated in 2017 with distinction and a favorable response to her graduate collection 'encounter - identities between cultures'. The collection was awarded to showcase in the annual graduate show 'schau' EXIT.17 and was exhibited in the gallery of PLATFORM FASHION 2017, as well as featured in various design issues. After working for the London/Düsseldorf based design labels Galvan and Tatjana Anika for several month, she moved to Amsterdam to start working for IVH Iris van Herpen as an atelier intern. Since the completion of her internship at IVH Iris van Herpen she has concentrated her work focus on her own label and accompanying current projects. She is eager to continue her studies on a higher education level with an MA in fashion as well as to continue to broaden her design experience in other fashion companies. The design language of the label 'simon' is focused on the combination of both menswear and womenswear in one collection, taking inspiration from the bodies of both genders and translating it into innovative avant-garde designs and elegantly deconstructed garments. The designers main source of inspiration is the human body and the human in its entirety, which is strongly connected to the current zeitgeist. Her collections show an ahead-orientated style which is reflected in the modern materials, processing techniques and monochrome digital prints of bold-minimalistic silhouettes.