Silvia Perrucci

University / School:
Accademia Costume & Moda
Production Location:
100% made in Italy
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Collection – DURCH

Durch is an ocean journey.
Flowing lines sliding across time, an aesthetic bond between two women.
My mother as my primary aesthetic influence.
I tried imagining her in a previous life, in another time frame.
I saw her in Annemarie Schwarzenbach, an unconventional Swiss journalist who lived between the two World Wars.
My mother has always told me that a real woman preserves her femininity even when dressing in masculine clothing.
Taking inspiration from my mother’s words I created Durch, a clothing line with an androgynous touch reminiscent of the late 1930’s menswear, softening its angularity with jersey and transparent fabrics.
Conjuring up some iconic pieces of the past in a subdued combination of concealment and disclosure of femininity.
Body contouring materials shaping the figure in an effortless display of femininity, speaking of the inner strength and self-confidence I see in those women.
The color palette reflects this fluctuation, alternating the warm flavor of a burgundy with the sour and sparkly lime green.
Because that’s how my mother is, bittersweet.
My name is Silvia Perrucci, I was born in Rome 23 years ago. I attended the High School specializing in classical studies from 2007 to 2012 here in Rome at Liceo Terenzio Mamiani. During these years I was made to acquire a method in studying and I got to deepen my knowledge about the humanistic area. After these years I attended the Accademia Costume e Moda based in Rome which is recognized as a centre of excellence in the fields of fashion and costume design education. Here I had the chance to chalange myself in several fields, from Accessories and eather Goods Design, passing through Fashion Design, both male and Female, up to Costume Design. During the years in Accademia I was allowed to know all the stages of the production process, visiting some of the top companies and design office. If I had to describe my idea of aestetich and my project I would use three terms: well balanced, minimal and refined.