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Collection – SS18

Feminine and classic

Fashion Films

Your grandmother didn't have to worry about the quality. Unfortunately, the pace of nowadays life doesn't give us this privilege anymore. Fashion comes, fashion goes, but whatever happens - durability is the winner. My journey as a creator started at a very early age when my mother took me to her little sewing workshop. I still remember how magical it felt! Years went by, yarn and colorful pieces of fabrics travelled along with me. The deep feeling of creation was growing every time till one day it exploded and inspired me to design. Our world nowadays is full of worthless things that take a lot of space in our minds, we constantly want something unimaginable. Finally I decided to finish all this. What is The Quality in my eyes? It's a timeless sense, irresistible beauty and self-esteem which is as high as Mount Everest. Once I followed the path to create clothes, I realized that the easiest road is not for me. When you are wearing my work, I want you to feel the same relief as I do. I want the clothes to serve you long. I care about each detail and each corner of the fabric while making the collection. I am unforgiving to mistakes. I promise you the quality.