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goldsmith university & lasalle college of the arts
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Collection – D É F O R M É

D É F O R M É by S H A R B I , is a womenswear spring summer collection which is a reinterpreted story of Sharbi’s cousin, who has major bipolar disorder issues. Inspired by the story, Sharbi presented twisted pleats, gradients and shapes. Purple is the key colour of the whole collection as it represents the T R A N S F O R M A T I O N of the young girl. This collection is designed to embrace the person in who you are.
S H A R B I D E Y , 22, is a womenswear graduating student from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. India born and educated in Asia, Sharbi is characterised as versatile, ambitious and self motivated who mainly focuses on seams and details when it comes to fashion. Throughout her studies in LASALLE, Sharbi has nurtured her talent for visual design, demonstrating an impeccable level of technical skill when approaching the design and production of her garments. Sharbi believes in construction and structure of the garments, designing for women who stand confidently apart from the mainstream yet within a contemporary design aesthetic, reinterprets established meanings in Womenswear, bringing a new dimension to the young.