Sander Bos

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antwerp royal academy of fine arts fashion department
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Collection – DAMES

DAMES, meaning ladies in dutch, the collection plays with the idea that ladies ar a domesticated form of women. The concept of the collection is the domestication of women through skin, environment and god. The skin group was inspired on Gordon Parks, who photographt both segregation as showgirls, both women but both viewed differently for their skin. The envirnoment group was inspired on Patty Carroll, whoes work displays women disappearing in their envirnoment, the background. The final group was based on the work of Jeroen Bosch, a medival painter, he presented the women as an imperfect reflection of the perfect "goddess". The collection challenges our 21st century idea that clothing is to enhance individuality, where in the contrary lats a more domesticated form of identity. Who defines to de a woman?
Sander bos is a recently graduated master from the Royal academie of fine arts Antwerp. The brand focuses on contemporary thinking and innovative design. While facing the future, it explores the mix between streetwear and couture, with a "unapoligetic" attitude.