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Beauty that keeps you warm.
Softest and coziest memory.
Cherishes the wonders of life.

SALANIDA is love at first touch.

I dreamed of creating a sweater you never want to take off, a sweater that becomes your second skin.
Stitch by stitch and row by row – that’s how SALANIDA knits are made by hand. Knitting is a unique process, each stitch carries this special feeling. Half of a perfect sweater is super soft, warm and itch free yarn. I mainly work with natural alpaca wool and combine old knitting traditions with wearable fashion that never loses its vibe. Reactions of people touching SALANIDA sweaters prove that I’ve done it right!

You probably wonder why SALANIDA? It is the place my inspiration comes from. A tiny town of secrets and adventures called Nida or as I like to call it - SALANIDA. I come here to escape from the rushing world. I feel that time here stops for a moment reminding of what’s most important in life.

See it and feel it yourself. You will love it. Promise.


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