Ryota Sakai

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Collection – KAMI

Drawing inspiration from the silhouettes of sumo wrestlers, and understanding that inside each of their body’s their bones are no different than any other person’s, I highlighted this overlooked fact for my collection in the form of “Macrame” – a netting technique used to make ornamental silk aprons for sumo wrestlers’ ceremonial entrances to the ring. Both garments and headpieces were made through Macrame, exploring both outer and inner life in the most fundamental forms.

Fashion Films

Ryota Sakai, is a Fashion designer, based in Florence, Italy. He was born in Hyogo, Japan in May 1989. After finishing high school in Japan he went to study a Theater degree in Merced, California. After graduating he returned to Japan and worked as a retail assistant at Issey Miyake. He soon realised he wanted to study Fashion Design, however outside of Japan, in order to rediscover and establish his own ideas. He then chose to study at Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in Florence, as the school is known internationally and one of his favorite designers had graduated from there.