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Collection – URBE

Architectual shapes, unexpected volumes, pleated fabrics, unstructured silhouettes…
RUIZGALAN places himself in a group of designers that understand fashion as an experimental activity in a visual/sculptural sense. In this case, URBE takes its insoiration from the atmosphere of European capitals.

Walking in Madrid, the designer sketched a collection divided in two different parts. The first part- grey pallete- was inspired by abstractions from several urban elements. In the second half, colour breaks in, with chromatic combinations born in the most unexpected places: building works, insulating foam, plaster, rubble, walls damaged by time and scaffoldings create amazing copper-coloured shades, naif turquoise blue nuances and bright oranges sparkles.

After these fragments from the real world, URBE ends with a picture of positivity: a cocoon outfit that shows the light coming in through the gaps of half-closed blind.

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RUIZGALÁN is a fashion designer from Madrid who graduated with honours from Escuela de Arte Nº 2 in Madrid. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in men’s tailoring. His work has been exhibited at The Museum of Costume, Matadero Madrid, Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, American House, espacioBRUT, Espacio Menosuno (Madrid) South 36-32n festival (Cadiz) Creamoda (Bilbao) and Move (Sevilla). In Bilbao and Sevilla his 2011 “URBE” collection won first prize. His artistic interests have led him to collaborate with artists of different disciplines and to develop projects that integrate clothing design, artwork, photography, video and music.