Rose Danford-phillips

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Royal College of Art - London
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Collection – RCA Masters Final Collection - Catwalk

I was inspired by my fascination with nature when creating my MA final collection; an interpretation of the complexity and unrestrained beauty of nature, which I express by creating my own ecosystems of layered and built fabrics in knit, print and unconventional embroidery to create a maximalist aesthetic that takes joy in abundance and opulence.

I detest ‘clean’ ‘simple’ things, and sterile white spaces we are surrounded by in modern life, and I fantasised about infecting these spaces with life. My clothes are in a state of rewilding - I infect the silhouettes with rich colourful textiles, giving them life. I grow my embroideries over graphic and sculptural silhouettes to emphasise and contrast the organic and the built landscape.
Rose Danford-Phillips is a London-based womenswear designer specialising in luxury textiles and knitwear. Rose pushes both conceptual and material boundaries in her work by combining maximalist mythical narrative with opulent materials and experimental techniques.