Romina Dorigo

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libera accademia di Belle arti
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Showed at the last Vancouver Fashion Week, the fall/winter collection “Beauty/Not Beauty”. Everything in this collection talks about upcycling: mixing together many materials, different textures and old garments to create new clothes and give to them a new – beautiful – life.
The focus of “Beauty/Not Beauty” collection is the time you spend deciding what is beautiful and what is not anymore, punctuated by the blink of an eye.
Romina latest fall/winter collection presents ten looks in neutral shades with many layers and over shapes: long tulle skirts, silk Taffeta poncho, suit mady by tapestry and work overall are just a few pieces from this sofisticated and classy collection.
Romina Dorigo leaves nothing to chance to sire her upcycling couture: she always chooses the high quality of the materials turning in desirable avant-garde shapes.
To show her creations, Romina has made another particular choice: although the collection is womenswear, the clothes were worn by men so the attention is on the clothes and not on the perfection of the female body.
Quality, creativity, craftsmanship and self expression are the main keywords for Romina Dorigo upcycling couture.
Born in Udine (IT) in 1995. Since I was a child I developed my creative attitude at mom's tapestries shop, playing with fabrics and jacquards. First step was the superior institute for fine arts "G. Sello" in Udine with a focus on fashion design especially the last three years. During the last two years I went in Florence at the "Capucci Foundation" for a tailoring course about Madeleine Vionnet and her unique techniques. After two months I went to Verona at the "Fashion Ground Academy" for a seminar and a fashion show tribute to Valentino Garavani. Hungry to learn every day more, I continue my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts "LABA- Libera Accademia di Belle Arti" (RN) where I graduated in October 2017. Three intense years of university, where I learnt few notions about aesthetics and contemporary art, push me to London at the prestigious "Central Saint Martin", where I've had the possibility to mix my studies, with the creativity and the artists inside the UAL. My first time at CSM was crazy, so after my Fashion Mix course with the amazing Audrey Ang, I went back home and I worked on that collection. The result was an exposition at the Fashion Biennale in Rimini, "Risvolti dell'Abito" with the collaboration of the art magazine LAZMAGAZINE. After the CSM course everything has changed so I moved to London again for two other courses, one about sustainable fashion and one for my portfolio (with Stephanie Cooper, Elisa Palomino, Alexis Panayiotou, Jo Simpson). Two months where I dedicate all my self, day and night, for the final exposition and my first fashion show. Keywords: up cycling and still life, this was my starting points for the consideration about a beauty that can be seen as perishable.