Róisín Pierce

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National College of Art & Design (NCAD) dublin
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Collection – Man Repellent continued

Continuing the theme of my graduate project, man repellent is a collection of garments which has been created in response to my research on the subject of the ‘male gaze’. Man repellent uses sculptural elements to distort the female silhouette in a conventionally unflattering way; setting out desexualise the female body while allowing the wearer to feel beautiful. Emphasising the contrast between beauty and repulsion; man repellent features sheer, delicate and distinctly feminine fabric along side highly exaggerated bulges, hunches, fat rolls etc. Nothing is less attractive in today’s western society than obesity, rolls of fat and a voluminous waistline, the negative space in the garments allows the naked body to be revealed and questioned.

Photographer: Nicholas Quinn
MUA: Lisa Redmond from EF Creative Studios
Model: Ailbhe Carey from Morgan The Agency

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Róisín Pierce is an Irish textile designer who graduated from the National College of Art and Design (Dublin, Ireland) with a BA Hons in Textile design in 2016. Led by experimental textiles and sculptural forms, Róisín explores fabric manipulation using her own method of manipulating the material to create different layered textures by combining innovative 3D weaving and traditional textile techniques. Her latest S/S18 collection is a continuation exploration of textiles, construction and sculptural silhouettes for a contemporary audience. Róisín's past collection; 'Man Repellent' was inspired by her interest in the psychology behind women's dress choices. Stemming from research into the male gaze and how women may subvert this by emphasising the perceived negative aspects of their bodies and creating sculptures that magnify these traits. Her collections create tensions between object and viewer and is controlled by her use of the body playing with the notions of a fashioned identity. Often the negative spaces in her forms allow the naked body to be revealed and questioned. The notion of construction, manipulation and embellishment inform the surface and structures she creates. Róisín was awarded the Future Makers ‘Pushing the Limits’ award 2016 for her ‘radical use of textiles and unique fabric manipulation techniques to create original silhouettes around the body’ by the Design Council of Ireland. Róisín aims to create for the non-conservative woman. As Jo-Ann Furniss wrote in 2013 “to pass judgements on ‘wearability’ or ‘practicality’ just seems facile." Róisín hopes to create new innovative forms to challenge and push the boundaries of womenswear.