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Collection – Lesson Three

A new collection, a new story. Reprobable is here with another lesson.
A strong word that people use easily, without giving it its true deep meaning, its true powerful sense. Have you really forgotten ‘happiness’ is what we all want and desire above all? One true purpose of our lives is to find it and own it as a part of us. Nowadays people seem very lost, out of context, living their lives as if being happy is just about having fun at a party, having good sex or having a delighting meal… No, it is definitely more than that. These are all precious experiences, but that is all… the thrill and the excitement of a new experience giving us PLEASURE- one thing our brain loves to turn into routine. Yeah, it makes you feel good babe, but for real now, chasing pleasure isn’t happiness, is it?

So..What is HAPPINESS?
Reprobable has nothing to hide, in fact it's all about expressing yourself, letting all that emotion and joy out of your body and into the world. R. wants to show you that even through clothes you can do that! In fact, all these collections we present to the public are lessons...Lessons from my own life experience. Lessons for easy happiness. Lessons I want to share with you.
It's all about learning how to let go of negativity, drama or fakeness, and start embracing simplicity, embracing yourself, because you are special and R. knows that, so I will show you my own perspective on life through each and every line of clothing.
This class has no rules, but if you stay tuned and keep your eyes on us, darling, you might just be surprised. That's the story. My story. With love, R.