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Worthy of censure is in one word Reprobable.
I had moments in life when I thought that for a lot of people death is a conviction, but for others, life itself is a chain,that made me create a brand from passion, with a strong sense of honesty, authenticity, integrity and love. Reprobable is the freedom of my senses, of the community of the R people who are in a spiritual evolution, who are metamorphosing in the same way as the clothes. The mould is the same but the feelings and stages of life are not.
Each collection is a phase of my life, representing my beliefs and ideologies such as love, heritage, infinity which I wanted to integrate in a the brand mirroring myself, painted with materials and self aware of my actions as I was freed from my fears.
The fundaments of the brand are:
In its fundaments, Reprobable is underlined by an unique need to live the freedom undisturbed. Happiness is after all defined by freedom, isn’t it?When you are not chained by your own lies, when you are fine with who you are and accept yourself not willing to care about the reactions of the society, of family or friends that means to live your life through self-love and acceptance.This is the foundation of freedom. Just by being straight forward and transparent.
This is what Reprobable means and all it’s collections, that’s me in fact, as you can find all those characteristics in all my collections like the evolution steps I took at the specific moment.

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