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Collection – Solstice IV | E N E R G I A

Solstice IV | E N E R G I A investigates the dialectics of light and energy, created with powerful women artists who continue to master the art of light, lens and image

Photography | Katherine Soutar
Model | Laura Du Ve
MUA | Dana Leviston
R E M U S E Designs is a Melbourne based clothing label where futurism meets nature. Fusing artisan techniques, dye technology, and natural fibers, R E M U S E investigates the ways the future of a fashion is simply fashion that takes inspiration from the earth. The philosophy behind the label is to create small, ethically produced, trans-seasonal collections, released quarterly at the time of each Equinox and each Solstice. Each collection gives R E M U S E an opportunity to reconsider its impact and material choices. Note: All Australian made R E M U S E products are ECA accredited