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esmod berlin - international university of arts for fashion
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Collection – "Orang-Nutan" AW18

My AW18 collection called " Orang-Nutan" is about the extinction of Orang-Utans. I critisize the whole palmoil production, which is responsible that the Orang-Utans lost half of their habitat. If we do nothing, in 20 years, all Orang-Utans will not exist anymore in the wildlife.
My prints illustrates palmoilfruits and a satire print called Orang-Nutan. All prints of my collection has a social and political messages.The
print on the denim pieces is a handmade 3D plusterprint and shows the wounds of Orang-Utans.
For very sold piece, I will donate 10 Euros for this organisation www.orang-utans-in-not.org. Make a statement!
2016 Bachelor of Arts with specalisation in Fashion Design- Esmod Berlin, worked for AKRIS at Paris Fashionweek, internship Lala Berlin Design and Atelier Berlin Fashionweek, internship textile producer Greuter Jersey. Designer and Owner from RAMONAERB. A fashion label with social engagement.