Raisa Kok

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artez institute of the arts arnhem
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Collection – Not Another Camelot

The collection is based on the greatest strength that Raisa discovered during her four years as a Fashion&Design student: decorations and textiles. She wanted to exploit decorations and decorating a garment.

The decorations must also have a function and cannot be meaningless. She applied different functions of decorations, such as pattern-seeking. It is a human impulse to seek order and rhythm. With shapes and objects we are looking for and we expect to find simplicity and completeness in form. When we are faced with more complex models it is more difficult. One can find pleasure in a simple form they can identify. A simple example is a circle.
Another function of decoration is the need for an ending, and edge finishing. A line in which the emphasis is to decorate it. Color is also associated with decoration. Color is perhaps the most enjoyable part to see; color is pure ornament/decoration.
The materials of the decorations I use are very important. In my opinion craft lies in exploring and exploiting all the possibilities inherent in the material. Raisa distorts and edits existing materials into something that may or may not be recognized, but it gets another new look. She combines different materials, applications and fabrics into a tasteful, complete whole. The embroidered decorations and fabrics amplify each other.

Fashion Films

Raisa Kok graduated in June 2017 as a fashion designer at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands. Her fascination for fashion started with the love of fashion magazines from an early age. She was especially fascinated by the garments and fashion editorials. For a better understanding of fashion she chose the study Fashion&Design in Arnhem. During her four years of studying fashion she discovered her love for textiles, embroidery and decorations. Raisa was nominated for two awards with her graduation collection. In June 2017 her collection was shown during Milan Menswear Fashion Week 2018 for the Mittelmoda Fashion award. In september Raisa showed her collection during the International Youth Design Competition in Beijing, China organised by the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. In Beijing Raisa was awarded as Outstanding Winner of the competition.