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Collection – WILD CHILD

Collection Wild Child was inspired by vibrant spirit of 60’s and it’s style icons Tviggi.
Graphic lines, playful colors, doll-eye makeup and baby doll image.
All QooQoo garments are ethically produced in Latvia, EU - with respect to people and the environment. Founded in 2010 by the graphic designer, QooQoo introduces collections encompassing simple shapes and own designed whimsical and colorful fabric prints. 'I'm actively communicating with my clients via social media. I had an experience of creating interactive fabric pattern - involving my followers in the creation process. My clients are inspiring me to make designs even more courageous!' – Alona Bauska founder and designer of the label QOOQOO apparel is produced in Latvia, which is considered to be the second greenest country in the world according to the EPI (Environment Performance Index). We strive to encourage people to choose sustainable fashion for the fair labor, better quality and greener environment.